About miRwayDB

miRwayDB is an invaluable database providing comprehensive information of experimentally validated microRNA-pathway associations in various pathophysiological conditions. Each database entry contains complete information on name of the disease condition, associated microRNA(s), experimental sample type(s), regulation pattern (up/ down), pathway association(s), targeted member of dysregulated pathway(s) and a brief description. In addition, miRwayDB provides miRNA, gene and pathway score to evaluate the role of a miRNA regulated pathways in various pathophysiological conditions. The database is regularly updated and delivers complete data from published literature. We hope that miRwayDB will be a useful resource for microRNA research community.


Citation Details

Das,S.S., Saha,P., Chakravorty,N. miRwayDB: a database for experimentally validated microRNA-pathway associations in pathophysiological conditions. Database (2018) Vol. 2018: article ID bay023; doi:10.1093/database/bay023

miRwayDB Statistics

MicroRNA-Pathway Association : 663

Diseases: 76

MicroRNAs: 232

Targeted Genes: 328

Pathways: 122

References: 663

A word cloud based on most annotated pathway data in miRwayDB database

A word cloud based on most annotated microRNA data in miRwayDB database